Singer Trouble

Our band has had a difficult time in finding a singer. Granted we haven’t been playing for that long yet but nonetheless it is getting frustrating. Maybe we’ll have to start singing the set ourselves. The horribleness of sound will be equal to a dozen of starving infants crying out loud but it’ll even out if we do it as a choir.

Still, it amazes me how hard it is to get just anybody to sing a few songs for a heavy metal / rock band. Every single candidate has had the same complaint: the setlist is too diverse. Ok, sure! We’ve got our Iron Maiden, Mötley Crüe, KISS, Pantera and Edge of Sanity covers there but that doesn’t mean the singer’s gotta perform each of these pieces precisely as they exist in the albums of those bands. Heck! We don’t even have to play them all if it proves to be too difficult.

Besides, playing covers is just a phase we’re going through. I’ve had a ton of songs written for a long time now and the plan is to practice them and little by little start implementing them in the setlist too. Now, with our own songs the singer really doesn’t have to perform any miraculous feats but rather just give their input to the sound and feel of the composition.

I don’t know. We’ve been talking about going to hard rock karaoke nights and “scouting” some people out there. The frustration has really started to peak out and the clipping is very audible in our practice sessions. Maybe Finland is just a wrong kind of country to try and find a singer. You gotta have some serious balls to be a singer in a band and Finnish people (stereotypically) just don’t seem to possess that kind of ballsitude.

Maybe we should just be a heavy metal band without a singer. Sounds great, huh? Singers are overrated anyways. What we need is DANCERS!


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