Creating New Songs

I came up with the song names for the project. About half of them were taken straight from the Song Name Creator I mentioned earlier but needless to say I had to click the button for a while. Others I either modified a bit or just invented myself.

The songs (in the order I selected them) are:

  1. Coming Back
  2. Super God
  3. Song of Life
  4. Yellow Moment
  5. Sunrays
  6. Wild Imitations
  7. Drowning in Hope
  8. For People Without Imagination (Myself Included)
  9. Loneliness With Style
  10. Thoughts That Make You Cry

I can imagine that some of you are thinking to yourselves: “You come up with the name of the song BEFORE you compose it?” and even though I explained this a bit in the previous post I think a further clarification is in place here.

I happened to seek a bit of song writing tips with Google and run into this great site which offered a ton of useful procedures for writing great songs (thus the name).

Your SongWriting Can be Great (

“You should ask yourself these questions. Why are you writing songs? Who are you writing for? Why are you unique? This all leads to who you are as a songwriter and why there is no one in this world like you.”

The first question here is the most important one for me. Why? Well, I love writing and playing music. I take melodies and tunes very seriously. What I don’t take seriously are the topics. I really don’t care about the world that much. Day by day it seems more and more like just a sandbox for me and all the issues of humanity as pointless as anything.

This is the reason I feel it’s highly productive to come up with the name of the song first. That way I can concentrate on the theme of the song and compose all the instruments complementing the general theme. If I start to write from a scratch I rarely come up with anything that special.

As you can see from the picture I also described the songs with a couple of adjectives. This makes it easier for me to dive into the mood of that song. Generally I want to make the songs upbeat and happy. I’ve depleted my silo of depressive thoughts and now it’s time for something different.

Oh, also my friend suggested that the name of the band should also be “Super God” which, as I thought of it, started to sound really good. So, if there isn’t a band going with that name already, DIBS!


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