First Five Designs

I’m gonna try to write a little bit about each of those Super God project songs down for clarification. I just bought Joe Satriani’s Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards album and gotta pause it now to really concentrate on the mood and theme of each song.

Coming Back

This song is about returning home to God from this domain. So the theme is a bit spiritualistic and — you know, though I feel a bit uncomfortable describing it here I’m not gonna apologize for it. I’m gonna give the song a 6/8 feel with tempo being around 90. Usually when I have a click track or midi drums I tend to put the tempo off a bit so instead of leaving it to 90 I’ll probably put it to 89 or 92 in case I want it to be a bit faster.

The structure here’s gonna be very common AABA type of thing with intro, two verses and choruses, a B part with maybe a solo and double chorus at the end. I’m gonna try to make the mood loving and yearning and keep the lyrics at a minimalistic level. Because this song has a calm feel to it I’m gonna put it to the end half of the set to leave room for the more upbeat stuff at the beginning.

Drowning in Hope

This title caught my attention in the Song Name Creator because it’s just the kind of bad behavior people tend to slip into. This one will feel stingy but yet fresh. It’s gonna offer another perspective for hope. The song’s gonna be a bit too fast (I’m thinking 300 BPM) with a simplistic and funky theme melody.

I’m gonna write a bunch of similar type of riffs over the basic structure. This means maybe a long intro and short verses with bridge sections. The choruses are gonna be explosive and change the feel from machine gun to freeride (with a very basic chord progression). This has been done many times and it works like a charm. I’m also thinking of doing a lot of strange riffs here and there to build the tension. The structure will be pretty much ABAB with long B-sections.

For People Without Imagination (Myself Included)

This song, I thought, could be a bit harsh and more expressive with cute melodies. No basic structures but rather some heavy riffs and cool organ sections. I wanna do one song with 7/8 feel and this is a perfect platform for that. I’m not really sure how long this song’s gonna take. The structure could be something like ABCA with long A section that’s reprised at the end, silent and moody B part and heavier and more expressive C part. Tempo will be around 120. Other than that I’m just gonna have to see what I come up with.

Loneliness with Style

Now this is something I changed my mind about. First the word “Loneliness” struck to me as another emo song but then (as I kept reading)  that “with Style”  made me smirk with that evil genius like passion. So I decided that this title has come to stay and that I’m gonna make it very upbeat and glamorous… The Ark way!

Standard AABA should work fine here. 192 BPM as tempo and a hard groove kicking the song forward will make Loneliness with Style an instant classic! Haha. I’m gonna write some cool melodies and tricky offbeat riffs for this song. I’m already excited!

Song of Life

This one I’ll make a fine pop tune with easy to follow chord progressions and catchy tunes. Maybe I’ll actually write this one an instrumental. I don’t have a lot to say about life and I think my feelings about it are best conveyed in music. What makes this song special? My viewpoint. I’ll try to make you smile, feel good and wanna listen to this song a one more time.


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