The Next Five Songs

It’s time for the next five song designs. I’m gonna try to record some basic drum tracks for the songs now that I’m visiting my parents for christmas. My dad’s got a real drum set which is gonna help me composing the tracks.


I’m thinking I might mold something a little bit more odd out of this song. I’m gonna vary the mood with foggy pad sounds and crystal clear piano parts. The lyrics will most likely be very minimalistic and cryptic (with some sense buried in them of course).

Sunrays will be a song that has pretty much two similar sections with the first being calm and second a bit more rhythmical with a relaxed drum beat.

Super God

Super God is fast-paced song with all sorts of clever time signature changes and heavy synthesizer backgrounds. The lyrics hold a humorous tone throughout the song. That’s pretty much all I need to say about this song.

Thoughts That Make You Cry

This song is gonna be well-paced but still very calm song that builds around the theme of beauty and the difficulty in acquiring the right mindset for it. I’m thinking of recording some acoustic guitar for this piece with pad sounds and piano.

The B part will be long and revolving like rising and falling clouds. I’m gonna try to write some sort of Pink Floyd style solo for that.

Wild Imitations

I marked down that I’m gonna make this song acoustic and colorful but I’m not that sure about that plan anymore. It could have a colorful feel to it but with a lot more upbeat pace.

Now that I start to really feel the title it brings to mind Daily Show’s Michael Steele muppet interviews and I really start to get some craze ideas for this song now. This should be interesting.

Yellow Moment

This song might be one with no drums in it or very melodic drum lines with other instruments creating the rhythm. I’m gonna play around with this one a bit. In case of the verse being strange and slippery I’ll need to write a more concrete and pop style chorus for the song. I want to make this song very powerful… like SUN! Let’s see how that turns out.


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