Learning Lyrics

As I told earlier we’ve been having some trouble in finding a singer for our band. We had two candidates but neither of them had the qualities we required. We even bought our own PA system, which was cheap but functional. So finally as I decided to sing few songs myself the band leader said that if it’s ok I’d be the singer for the time being. Sure!

Now, the thing with singing while playing guitar is that it requires quite a lot of practicing. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m horrible in remembering lyrics so I began to try and figure out how to more easily get the words to stick in my head.

One method I figured out was to learn, not the words, but the sound of each line of vocals. I tried to concentrate to what kind of sound comes after each line. When I get the beginning of the line going I can easily recall the rest of it. I think this is an auditory learning method (turned out I’m an auditory learner) so I can’t recommend it for everybody.

Another thing that kind of bothers me with singing is that I’m not that good of a singer technically. I mean I can get somewhat the right pitch while singing almost anything but things tend to come out just a little bit flat or a little bit sharp. While I always demand a lot from my band mates I also demand perfection from myself. That means practicing, practicing, practicing.

Third and the most arcane modifier that I need to address if I’m gonna sing for the band is my voice. I’ve got a great clean voice if I say so myself but the kind of music we play requires some sense of rasp if intended to sound authentic. I’ve never been able to do this and that’s what kicked me to do some research. I’ve had tough luck in finding anything concerning singing in the past but this time I happened to stumble upon some very interesting materials.

One of these materials was The Zen of Screaming program made by the internationally known singing instructor Melissa Cross.

Melissa Cross Vocal Studio (melissacross.com)

I don’t know about anyone else, but the attitude of a teacher really makes all the difference for me when I’m trying to figure out where to put my money. I watched few of the videos I could find in the YouTube about Melissa Cross and this lady is just adorable. You could say that her smile opened my wallet. She really seems to know what she’s talking about, too (that’s always a bonus).

I also found a couple of really cool YouTube videos concerning this very same topic and you can see them below. Check out their channels, too, because there’s a lot more videos about singing found there.

This opportunity is really great because I’ve always wanted to learn how to really sing but never had the right kind of motivation to start practicing. Also trying to learn play guitar while singing forges my playing skills diamond hard. I’m optimistic to say the least and I’ll keep you informed about my progress with The Zen of Screaming DVD when it arrives.


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