The Words of Daybreak

Here’s a song I made a few months ago. Miracle Man was a project where I would compose and record a song in one day. Granted, it shows, but I was gradually getting better in it. It was also the first time I would record myself singing so the quality isn’t that great.

I originally came by the theme with my acoustic guitar while I was playing Porcupine Tree’s Trains. So I had a capo in 5th fret and I started to play around with the open strings. Then I just went straight to record! When I’ve got something like six hours to work with a song there’s not much time to fool around and experiment.

I quickly recorded the acoustic guitar parts and then organs and electric guitar parts. As you may have noticed there aren’t any bass or drums. That’s just because I’d have to do them as midi and that’s quite time-consuming. I preferred keeping it simple.

The hardest thing for me in these Miracle Man songs was to write the lyrics. There aren’t a lot of them and they might not be a poetic gold mine but I like them because pretty much only I know the symbolism behind them. It’s not impossible to figure out but you gotta know of what I’m talking about.

So I compiled the whole thing in Audacity as I usually do, mastered it and made a video file for YouTube. My singing technique sucked at the time so I had a sore throat after singing all those lines. My neighbours probably had sore ears.

“Listen to my words”, said Devil to a young man,
“Prayer is the key to the Heavenly Kingdom.
So fall on your knees and praise your Maker.
From under the petticoat sing your soul to Light!”

The words of daybreak turn the light into dark.
Soothingly smiling burning colors into gray.

“Listen to my words”, said Devil to a young man,
“The Heaven’s on Earth just listen me now.
You are the Wisdom – the key of Salvation.
So make all the people to sing your name to Light!”

The words of daybreak turn the light into dark.
Soothingly smiling turning colors into gray.
And when you hear them spoken don’t cover your ears.
Beyond this darkness is your Home.

Oh, and one other thing. As I was writing this I got The Zen of Screaming delivered into my mailbox. I’ll be examining that for a while now.


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