New Album: Scions of God

Does this ever happen to you? You’re working on a project and it seems like it’s taking months and months and then you happen to do a similar project and finish it in a week? It’s crazy but that just happened to me.

That Super God project I’ve been talking about is not progressing too rapidly and I’ve been forgetting that I should work on that too. So about a week ago, late in Monday night, I discovered this site.


I just had to participate! It’s just that I only had 7 days to work. I like challenges, however, so I decided to do it no matter what. I thought of the fastest concept to work and figured that I should do something along the lines of Iron Maiden and Dio. Also I wanted to do a concept album because that pretty much gives me the theme of each song as I write the general plot.

Overall these were the things that took the most time: coming up with melodies for the songs, writing lyrics, creating midi tracks for bass and drums, recording guitars and vocals, mixing and mastering.

When I had written down the name and concept of each song I plugged in my mic and started sing melodies and riffs for each song. I pretty much did this a whole day but everything turned out ok and I rarely added anything major when I was actually making the midi tracks or recording guitars. I just followed my “dun dun’s” and “naa naa’s”. Of course there were exceptions, too.

So here are the tracks:

  1. Brothers of Prophecy
  2. Scions of God
  3. Cold Blood
  4. Nightmares of Sleepless Night
  5. Dawn of the Exiled
  6. Candle in the Autumn Night
  7. Inhumane Zen
  8. Chain of Storm
  9. New Dawn
  10. Lightless Fortress
  11. The Blood Bond
  12. Book of Life
  13. Revelations
  14. Trust

I especially liked Lightless Fortress, Inhumane Zen, Revelations and Trust which was an acoustic track. The Blood Bond was a song that I’m propably gonna rewrite for the most part because it just didn’t meet my expectations. I just didn’t have the time to start rewriting it while I was already recording guitars etc.


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