Status update

So much has happened since I last posted. Our band broke up and I had a few experiments in the middle but I think I’ve found my new home in a band called Different Shades now. I’ve also practiced singing quite a bit and am hopeful for the future. Speaking of singing, I recently recorded one of my older songs called Years and posted it in YouTube.

It’s still a bit rough but I never saw myself as the type to back off from a challenge. I could describe my state as euforia being able to sing those high bits. I’m just so happy because I thought my voice was just not designed for those notes but I am now discovering that it was just my lack of proper singing technique.

I picked up a bass guitar from a local music shop today and re-recorded those bass lines. The previous ones I did with a guitar and an octaver. Let me tell you… that did not end well. So much learning to do in the mixing and mastering department, too. I’m not too happy with the popping compression in the track but hopefully I’ll be able to produce something better for the next one.

Aaand speaking of learning, I got a flute from my lil sister who hasn’t been playing it for years. Now, there’s an interesting instrument.


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