Phantom of the Opera solos

I’ve been playing around with old Iron Maiden songs for a while now and the solos have always interested me. Alas, there seem to be no proper tabbed versions of many of these solos, so I thought since I have to learn them anyway why not tabbing them out with guitar pro. Here are the results for your enjoyment.

First, of course, there’s the good old 3/4 feel solo over the softer rhythm guitar. In this one the main wonder of course is the repeating theme at the end of each line. But it’s those lines in-between that nobody really seemed to get right previously. Here’s for hoping I hit it closer.



Then we have the dual solos in 4/4 time and first comes in Murray with some interesting Middle East type scales. Intriguing? Yes. But so messy I had to go to my toolbox to make any sense of the notes played there. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a quite simple and nice little solo. I liked it.poto2



Then we come to the Dennis Stratton’s solo. Every note is clear and sings like a spring tit. There’s a lot of pattern type of playing that you can see at the very end where he first teases the ears with the little pedal tone type of lick finishing it off even faster than it started. Other than that it’s basic blues licks done with style.poto3



Hope this helps if you’re keen to learning old Maiden classics. Maybe I’ll check out the other solos, too.


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