Charlotte the Harlot solos

Ok, time for another installment, since I wanted to figure out these solos, too. Now, the playing style of both Stratton and Murray are quite similar in these faster solos so I’m having a bit of trouble recognizing which one is which. Basically I’m sticking to a rule that whichever is more bluesy came out of Murray’s guitar. So, first off, Dave Murray’s solo. Dave usually plays very cleanly, but this time the first lick is pretty messed up. I can only imagine this is what he was going for (or some very similar variation of it) and therefore you should just try something along these lines. The rest of it is very straight forward classic Maiden.



Then we’ve got (probably) Stratton’s solo which is kind of dull but does what it is supposed to. The first three quarters are just variations of some very basic hammer-on licks and then we have a cool little send-off at the end. It’s very messy and there are some notes clearly just missed completely.



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