Remember Tomorrow solos

Here is the final pair of solos from this particular album. I’m not going to transcribe Strange World solos to you guys because, to be honest, they are so simple you should be able to figure them out by yourself. in fact, they’re perfect for practicing super basic transcription and getting your ears to the next level if you’ve never tried it.

Ok, so Remember Tomorrow. First we have Dave Murray’s solo which starts with a long five bar lead in over the previous riff. The key also changes from D minor to E minor there, so be alert. After that it doesn’t look too difficult. A lot of Murray’s signature legato action, though.



Then in comes Stratton and he’s got some pretty neat moves in this one. Dennis’ playing on the album was pretty damn good and I can’t really blame him for not being nimble enough for the job. I’m happy that Smith took his spot, though, because as I’ve said I think his playing is by far the most interesting out of all the history of Maiden guitarists. Anyways, here’s the solo.



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