Sanctuary solos

The weird thing here is that I listened Sanctuary’s solos through once and they sounded really straight forward and simple. Yet, the tabs for the solos I COULD find were REALLY out of place. I actually hoped I wouldn’t have to tab these ones out but here they are. Again, I’m not really sure which one is which, although, I can see a lot of similarities to the other solos on the album. The thing that really nudges me to thinking the second one might be Dave’s solo is the neck pick-up tone that I hear A LOT on his solos. And a quick visit to YouTube actually confirms my suspicions. So here’s Stratton’s solo, first.




And the second solo is of course then Murray’s. These solos in my mind are rather iconic but there’s nothing that special to them. A good melodic ideas and a lot of repetition. Quite frankly I always felt the out of Maiden guitarists Adrian Smith always had the most interesting solos. But there you go.



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