Transylvania solos

And here they are. Easily the most messy solos on the album and quite frankly I wasn’t looking forward to this. Again, the old version of Guitar Pro has proven that writing this type of songs with accurate note lengths is a task better left to other software (and the newest version of Guitar Pro is a horrible piece of garbage with devs that don’t care at all about their paying customers) so you’re just gonna have to try and fiddle around with the notes trying to play them the best you can. Listen to the recording of the song and try to get the feel of the licks played in each section. It’s a mess but you’ll figure it out! First we have Dennis Stratton playing this one. There a lot of thrilling going on so be prepared.



After that there’s a short interlude leading to Murray’s solo. The first few bars of the solo are fairly straight forward but then it starts going all over the place. The final bar leads the solo to the next riff. Take the solo in as little pieces and then glue it back together — or use the notation as a loose guidline and just play something that sounds similar. Either way, have fun!transylvania2



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