It’s Been A Weird Year So Far

The year started with me getting thrown out of yet another band. It was a cool little punk trio and I had fun playing in it. The band leader just didn’t want to hear any suggestions from me so he had to let me go. I had just bought another amp for the band, too, so it sucked a little bit, but after selling my old amp I didn’t end up losing too much money. And the new amp (Valve King 100) is A LOT better than the one I had. So I’m happy with that.

Then we had FAWM and I did a fun little podcast with T.C. Elliott called FAWMtalk. You can probably find it in the YouTube. After FAWM I tried to start some new bands but none of them went to anywhere. One of them was the Iron Maiden cover band I talked about earlier. That seems to be the whole scene of things in music. You generally have to deal with children and I don’t have the patience to it because these people aren’t 6 years old.

Then the latest idea I had, was joining a party band which played a lot of recent pop music. I though that it couldn’t be too bad since I had the opportunity to play drums. But to be honest, the songs were just HORRIBLE. Especially Finnish pop music in general is just dreadful. I hated learning the songs because that meant I had to LISTEN TO them. So today I told the fellows there that I won’t be attending anymore. We only did two practice sessions so it’s not like I wasted a lot of their time. But sometimes when you think you can do something, you’re just wrong. I wasn’t having any fun with the songs and to me that’s that. But you gotta try. That’s how you get wiser.

Now, I’m still making songs for our game’s soundtrack. Let’s see how that pans out. Probably not too bad since I don’t have to deal with other musicians. Ha!


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