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I’ve been making music since I was 16 and so I’ve got a couple of hundreds of songs ready. I haven’t really published anything ever, but I thought that for people who just might be interested in taking a quick look into my music, this could be convenient. That’s why “Best of” records were invented.

(Note that these are all, naturally, songs that I’ve made a recording of. I have sheet music of songs that I really love, but haven’t been able to record yet. Maybe one day.)

Master of Galaxy

Instrumental Rock
Master of Galaxy started as me playing around with that intro riff on my guitar. I wasn’t even planning on recording a song, but two hours later I found out that I had the whole piece on tape.


Progressive Rock
Overcast is a flow of things happening one after another. Piano always carries me into weird places and then the song just starts to live its own life in my head. You just keep playing and see what’s there when you’re done.

Song in My Heart

Someone posted a challenge that you needed to write a song that would fit in a tweet. I immediately got an idea but it actually turned out a lot better than I expected.

Quiet River

Baltic Latin
Give me an hour to work and I’ll give you a weird 11/16 acoustic piece about places I’ve never been to. This thing just happened. I was tapping the rhythm on tables the whole day and when I finally got a guitar to my hand there was no turning back.

History of Clouds

Progressive Rock
I like simple, but boy do I like long and complicated, too. History of Clouds is a song that was inside of me and I had to get it out. So I worked a whole weekend on it (24h total) and it’s one of my all time favorites. No question about it. If you really want to get the feel of what I love about music, then this is the piece you’ve been looking for.

Mirror Lake Valley

Symphonic Metal
One year I really got into mixing metal guitars into orchestral instruments and Mirror Lake Valley is my favorite track from that period of time. It has a lot of sections that I think flow nicely and paint a very specific picture in my mind.

Architects of the Sky

Heavy Metal
The best songs are the ones that play in your head a whole day and you just play what you hear on a tape. I couldn’t get Architects of the Sky out of my head. I even heard the words for the chorus over and over. Even when I tried to change them, it just wouldn’t happen. The song is what it is and I love it.


Progressive Acoustic Rock
Night brings many wonders and terrors with it. I feel like I captured exactly what I wanted with the tones of all the instruments and that’s why this is one of my favorites.

Rain of Judgment

Heavy Metal
Rain of Judgment falls upon those who seek salvation from this world and its charades. Melodically one of the most interesting songs I’ve ever made. And you gotta love heavy metal with me.


This is another one of the songs that just flows. If I happen to think of one part of it during the day, the whole song will start playing in my head. It just moves. And that’s why I love it.

Don’t Let Me Go

Don’t Let Me Go is an instrumental piano piece that really caught me in its flow. It’s kinda simple, but when the song pretty much writes itself, you know it’s something good.

Long Lost Sister

A Cappella
One year I really got into trying out A Cappella stuff and Long Lost Sister is my favorite song from that period. Conveying the story somehow made me want to try harder.

No Essence

Heavy Metal
No Essence is a futuristic story about a society where people are enhancing their bodies with technology. It’s an old idea that reflects on the question: If you keep replacing your body parts, at which point do you lose your humanity?

Taivaan laitumet

Progressive Rock
Taivaan laitumet was a part of an EP I made as a birthday gift to my mother. It’s a very abstract sort of piece that is meant to represent the idea of Autumn.

Valley of a Thousand Suns

Heavy Metal
Valley of a Thousand Suns is a very traditional heavy metal song. It’s about those times in your life that you need to push through to get to the good parts.

Midnight Lights

Progressive Metal
Have you ever seen anything during the night that made you feel kinda strange? It might not be what you think. Midnight Lights has a variety of different sections and moods and I just like so many of them it’s hard not to put this here.

Two Worlds

Heavy Metal
Two Worlds has a build up that really works for me. It starts slow, but eventually kicks into a higher gear and both of the parts have their own charm to me.

Steam and Smoke

Symphonic Acoustic Rock
Steam and Smoke is one of the calmer songs I’ve done and it still has a certain sense of urgency to it. I guess I have a hard time trying to relax. But the song works.

The Devil’s Music

Progressive Metal
The Devil’s Music was probably the first progressive tracks I made that I actually liked. The sections just somehow work and I really had fun with the bass.

Behind the Enemy Lines

Instrumental Metal
Behind the Enemy Lines was the first track I made for the soundtrack of the game Killing Engine and turns out it’s still probably the best one there. Does this tell something about my motivation?


Ambient Piano
Amber is about a relationship that builds up and then is torn down due to some outside forces. The song calms me down.

Dying Flowers

Heavy Metal
Things are not always what they seem to be and Dying Flowers subtly tries to convey this message to all future space archeologists. The verse and chorus guitar riffs really worked in this one so I like listeng to it.

Dreams of Better Days

I haven’t done too many songs that could be categorized just as ‘rock’ (which is weird because I really like plain old ‘rock’) but I think this song really fits the bill. It’s about childhood memories and the years you spent in your home town, but especially about how it’s not always the best idea to get stuck to those old thoughts.


I like a good jazz song as much as anyone so I put this thing together. I was really in the mindset of nature and things being still. And it worked!

Led Rain

My friend was making a game and it needed some music. I was already planning on making something but then one morning, while lying in the bed, this tune struck me. So I had to get up and put it together.

Signs (That Give You Away)

Ideas are a terrible idea. Many of them can’t stand straight in the light of day, but you want to belive in them so much, that you just hold them up.


Instrumental Metal
Mobilize is another very enjoyable track from Killing Engine. For some reason I tend to like the ones that carry a melody well.

Lloyd’s Fantastic Horror Ride

Progressive Metal
If you can sit through a long ass organ intro, then you’re in for a ride. Lloyd’s Fantastic Horror Ride. There are quite a few twists and turns in this one.


Heavy Metal
What is the thing that keeps us shackled in this reality? Something makes the whole thing move and turn in a way that is just irresistible to us.

Mountain Scape

Piano Rock
There’s always something waiting for us in the future. We try squinting our eyes but can’t quite make out if we should be excited or afraid. But we have to get there. Because what else is there?

Lonely Planet

Synth Rock
The rhythm of this song just moves me and there’s something about the way the sounds here make me feel that reminds me of something that happened long ago.

At Sundown

Hymnal Piano
The upright piano has a weird undertone to it that just makes me play it like this. Sometimes in your life there’s a moment of peace when you can just relax and let things be as they are.

Summer Storm

Acoustic Pop
I. Hate. Hot. Summer. Days. But I can laught about it. I just threw this song together in half an hour. It’s simple, but sometimes you gotta go simple.

Giant Shark Robot

Guitar Instrumental
Watch out!!! It’s a giant shark… robot? Aim lazors at the city. Boom you got nuk’d. Yeah, don’t ask.

Raven’s Crossing

Symphonic Metal
This was the intro song to my symphonic metal quest. It sets the things in motion but there’s this sweet lingering feel to it that just warms my heart.

Summer World

Mandolin Pop
I had a fun childhood and the summers were the best times of my life. As soon as I got my mandolin I started playing around with this sort of thing and so I had to turn it to a song. I wasn’t disappointed.

Killing the Kraken

Heavy Metal
Release the…!!! oh forget it. I haven’t even seen that movie. The way I got this song to set the mood to the story really gets me excited whenever I listen to the track. And the rest of it is just fun heavy metal.


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